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Welcome to SECTOO.ORG : Home of the Sectoo Linux Distribution Announcement

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sectoo_logo_design94.pngSectoo Linux is a Linux distribution aimed to help all sort of people with tasks related to network security. Under the form of a LiveCD based on Gentoo Linux, you will be able to achieve tasks such as port scanning, packet sniffing, OS fingerprinting, intrusion detection, etc. We hope that you will enjoy using Sectoo Linux, whoever you are : Network Admin, Pentester, White Hat or Black Hat Hacker, etc.... (continue)

Many small reasons for a website to be unavailable February 19, 2015

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When you are looking at all the small reasons why a website might not be available, it is wise to remember that the server inventory for every website is different. Some website have more than enough resources to keep their sites going, but many other sites do not have dedicated servers for their customers. When you are on a website that is not connected, you need to think about what could be happening on the other side of the screen.... (continue)

How to Download and install WhatsApp Messenger on Linux Ubuntu (PC – Desktop) December 5, 2014

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whatsuppInstalling WhatsApp on Linux is a little different from Windows. In this video you will find a useful step-by-step tutorial on how to download and install Whatsapp messenger for Ubuntu Linux.... (continue)

Spy Software April 26, 2013

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As it sent data back to its originator, spy software has come a long way since being first recognized in 2000. With malware, viruses, and trojans coming to mind, a few legitimate data collecting programs are on the market.... (continue)

Flat Screen Television Montior Stands December 19, 2012

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Most Americans love watching television. In fact, it has become one of the most treasured past times for many Americans of all ages. Over the years, there have been many changes in television technology that has allowed television watches to have more choices to enhance their viewing pleasures. From small and more compact television units to wide screen television units that are almost similar to a movie theater, there are many choices to choose from. In recent years, the evolution of changes in how and where TV viewing is done has been quite vast.... (continue)