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Have you ever used Torrent October 28, 2012

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About Torrent download sites: Websites such as torrentportal.com, bittorrent.com, torrent-link.com etc., have a plethora of content available for downloads. In Bit Torrent, one tracker keeps watch on the sharing and downloading of data files. You need to have the Bit Torrent client software installed on your machine prior to downloading content using the Bit Torrent technology.

The Bit Torrent client application lets you download high quality content like movies, music, videos and games within seconds without any hassles. It offers you a faster and safer downloading experience. Also, you can download content without interrupting your email, web browsing or other applications. With this technology the file transfer speed is increased without requiring any re-configuration or system upgradation. Local port mapping along with local peer discovery is done automatically, so you need not worry about it.

Torrent downloads and spy: Many Torrent site downloads have spy software attached. These spy downloads have the potential of causing terrific damage to your system. It can prove to be the gateway for viruses and Spam. Bit Torrent technology harnesses the network of millions of users to deliver content at a faster speed. When you google for Torrent downloads, the search engine displays a big list of Torrent sites, which you need to carefully check, choosing a suitable one for your use.


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