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Welcome to SECTOO.ORG : Home of the Sectoo Linux Distribution Announcement

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sectoo_logo_design94.pngSectoo Linux is a Linux distribution aimed to help all sort of people with tasks related to network security. Under the form of a LiveCD based on Gentoo Linux, you will be able to achieve tasks such as port scanning, packet sniffing, OS fingerprinting, intrusion detection, etc. We hope that you will enjoy using Sectoo Linux, whoever you are : Network Admin, Pentester, White Hat or Black Hat Hacker, etc.

Sectoo Linux attempts to provide an up-to-date and easy-to-use set of security tools. Here are some common uses of Sectoo Linux :

Vulnerability Scanning : Sectoo Linux provides you base services such as port scanning using Nmap. You can then gather banner informations, looking for versions of services installed, and discover some exploits using Nessus. You can also use this to test what your IDS can pick up and what it can’t.

Network Analysis : Using a standard sniffer like TCPDump or Ethereal/Wireshark, you can see what’s going through a network in terms of protocols and content. And by using tools like p0f, you can achieve passive OS fingerprinting like never !

Security Research : Want to learn how to achieve this or that type of attack ? How to conduct other types of spoofing attacks ? Using Sectoo and reading the manpages for the tools (you’ll certainly have to search what tool & what manpage !), you’ll learn how. But be warned : Use of these tools in production environments is highly discouraged and could get you fired, or arrested in some countries.

Secure Connectivity : Sectoo Linux is including OpenSSH, for securely administrating remote systems.



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