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Remove the Lack of Communication! August 29, 2003

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Free conference calls are an economical way to intercommunicate with associates. Households can even conserve on their phone bill by using the free conference calls service. There are plenty of ways capitalizing on free conference call offers; the hard part is determining which service caters your demands. With phone conferencing, you can reach people that require information, but you might need the more extensive services like video conferencing or web conferencing.

No matter which approach you decide to take there are many call options that can bring everything together gaining information that will keep a company operating like a polished machine. Conference calls will personalize the meeting process in lieu of receiving an impersonal written report as one falls asleep pouring over documentation demanding sufferance! Verbalizing information allows interaction, questions, and confusion cleared up in a matter of moments.
The last word you fail to hear in the world of business, or at the home front anymore is free. Honestly, being invited to a conference call with the knowledge that it was all free you would certainly have a relaxed mental attitude about the whole meeting process!

For the most part the service is free except for possible long distance charges that you may or may not have to pay, depending on your calling plan, anyway for a normal call. When invited to a conference call, a toll free number is issued for you to call then a simplistic explanation of what to do after that.

Immediate action on issues in “real time” takes place and resolve is immediate as opposed to waiting for flight scheduling, transportation matters and eventually the meeting itself. Just “link up, with or without video, take care of problems and be on time for your lunch date instead of cancelling it because of “business matters”! The “can of worms” about getting everyone together in a single room for a meeting is gone not to mention the latent production of everyone in the room!
You should really examine how free conference calls can benefit your operation, whether in the trenches of business or connecting family members together for a once a month, “I love you guys” meeting! A good video conference is great when ones cannot be together. For that matter, you may find it a necessity more than a convenience as business operations expand and get out of hand and family members and friends drift further apart in distance.


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