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Hurricane Tracking Maps and Charts June 28, 2008

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A Hurricane, also known as typhoon or tropical cyclone, is a weather system with sustained winds of at least 33 m/s. It develops an eye, which is an area of relative calm, with the lowest atmospheric pressure at the center of circulation. The eye in the hurricane is visible in satellite images as a small, circular, cloud free spot. An eye wall, an area of about 16-80 km wide, surrounds the eye where the strongest thunderstorms and winds circulate. The maximum sustained winds in a hurricane have been estimated at about 85-m/s. Hurricane tracking maps and charts are used as tools to track the path of approaching hurricanes, and to alert the public. It helps in announcing the arrival of a hurricane, as a ‘hurricane watch’ or ‘hurricane warning’, depending upon the amount of time left for it to hit a particular area. For instance, if the area will be hit in the next 24 to 36 hrs, the announcement is a hurricane watch, but if it is announced as less than 24 hrs, it is a hurricane warning. Hurricane tracking maps and charts help save many lives if the predictions about an approaching hurricane are announced in time.... (continue)

MBA Degrees for Engineers April 7, 2008

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For a variety of reasons, people with a technical background may start to look for ways to further educate themselves. On the one hand, a good amount of these individuals are trying to broaden their horizons by expanding into new knowledge areas but for the better part of them, the potential increase of personal value on the job market and the career prospects that go along with it are more tempting aspects of continuous learning. Especially MBA programs rank high amongst the preferences for continuous education as they provide a dense schedule of knowledge about business administration within a reasonable amount of time to the student.... (continue)

Start your own web hosting business through reseller hosting March 26, 2008

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If you want to do some business related to internet then you can prefer
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The Windows Setting To Increase Low Virtual Memory March 21, 2008

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Virtual Memory: An extension of the computer’s physical memory, virtual memory is a memory area that is created by the operating system (Windows, DOS, Linux, etc.), on the hard disk. This technique used by multitasking operating systems is simply for the management of memory. In this addressing system, non-contiguous memory is addressed as contiguous memory, and is referred to as virtual memory address space.... (continue)